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The Practice of Shielding,
which is almost always covert in
its Aspect, is also quite simple and
straightforward. If a magical effect
bestows points of Armor, of whatever sort,
or otherwise subtracts dice or Potency from an incoming
hostile effect (such as the Mind 2 “Mental Shield” or
Prime 2 “Counterspell Prime”), then the spell belongs
to the Practice of Shielding. Spells from the Practice of
Shielding that are applied passively, subtracting dice from
the hostile spell without any targeted effort on the mage’s
part, subtract a number of dice equal to the mage’s dot
rating in the appropriate Arcanum. With the expenditure
of a point of Mana, most Shielding effects can be made
to last for a day. As a third-dot spell, a Shielding effect
can be cast upon another target.
Any mage who engages in combat on a regular basis
(or who, because of position or even just paranoia, fears
being attacked) has a use for Shielding spells.
In fact, it’s doubtful that the Adamantine
Arrow as an order could have
survived to the modern day
without the existence of
the Practice of Shielding.

Some of the most treasured
of Artifacts and Imbued
Items are enchanted with
Shielding magics. Quite
simply, no willworker with
an ounce of good sense turns
up her nose at the idea of a
little extra protection.
For the sake of play bal-
ance, Shielding spells are
almost always covert. Note
that Shielding spells do “stack”
with mundane, or even
enhanced, Imbued or Ar-
tifact armor, though not
with one another. This
means that a mage with a
well-crafted suit of armor
and a powerful Shield-
ing enchantment is
virtually untouch-
able in combat,

save by those magics that ignore or otherwise circumvent
Armor. Also be aware, though, that particularly astronomi-
cal magical Armor ratings can invoke Disbelief in Sleepers.
(There is, after all, just no sound explanation for how a
mage could be shot four times, point-blank, with .10-gauge
buckshot, and emerge unscathed. Even the most advanced
body armor known to man simply cannot do that.)

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