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The Practice of Unveiling
Unveiling, almost always of covert As
pect, is one of the simplest classifi cations
for new spells. If a mystic effect imparts
sensory perception of the phenomenon in
question to the mage, then it is an Unveiling effect. These
magics include the revelation of Resonance (see Mage: The
Awakening, pp. 277–280 for more information), the ability
to communicate directly with otherworldly beings and the
like. Some Unveiling effects can be scaled up to second-dot
Abilities, allowing them to be cast upon others.
This facet of Unveiling magic, the ability to extend
perceptions to others, is perhaps one of the most use
ful found at any level of any Arcanum. Mages need not
merely explain what they can see and understand; they
can show one another. This direct sharing of perceptions
allows the Awakened to potentially avoid a lot of danger
ous misunderstandings. (Sadly, this does not always, or
even often, end up being the case.)
Given the fact that Unveiling magics reveal Resonance
to mages, the spells of this Practice are probably some of
the most useful in any mage’s repertoire. The importance
of being able to perceive Resonance cannot be overstated.
Such a sense enables a mage to detect the passing of other
willworkers, to learn the specifi c “signature” of a spell
and to otherwise discern the presence of otherworldly
phenomena (or even just exceptional occurrences of
mundane ones). And, as each Arcanum’s Mage Sight
imparts a different sense for Resonance, there is a reason
to learn each of them.