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Compelling magics, which are almost
always covert in their Aspect, can
actually be a bit tricky to categorize
at times. In general, if a given effectsubtly infl uences a simple phenomenon without harm-
ing it, granting it the ability to directly cause harm, or
fundamentally altering its nature, then the effect is quite
probably a Compelling effect. Such spells can almost
always be written off as natural or probable by a Sleeper,
even if the spells’ effects are directly witnessed: the room
seems darker and spookier than it should, but (prob-
ably) not unnaturally so, or the guy behind the desk just
seems to have a natural knack for multitasking and so
on. Overall, spells of the Practice of Compelling are the
most surreptitious of the magics used to directly affect
the world, interacting with its people, places and things
through the use of the Arcana alone.
Compelling spells might grant a one- or two-dice bonus
to the mage properly exploiting the spell’s results, but
such magics don’t usually create the circumstances under
which the bonus would come into play. Think of it more
like making temporary magical equipment: the willworker
still has to set up the situation so as to make use of the
bonus. In the example of shadows above, the mage might
receive a slight boost to any use of his Intimidation Skill,
but he still needs to properly set the scene for such. In
effect, the shadows might make a scary situation a little
scarier, but they don’t, in and of themselves, convey a
necessarily fearsome aspect upon a person or place.